300 hr

Athens Yoga Institute

300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


Advanced education that will both help to deepen your personal practice and sharpen your teaching skills.

 Our advanced teacher certification program a 300 hour Yoga Alliance registered certification. The program is designed to give you the opportunity to work at your own pace and the flexibility to tailor your education to your interests.  

Similar to choosing college courses, students will be responsible for completing X modules to reach the equivalent of 300 hours and must fulfill these requirements within 5 years of registration.

You get to decide which workshops will serve your goals to the highest and what works best with your schedule.

Each module will be 2-3 day weekend workshop beginning on Friday evenings and continuing through Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

300 hour modules-these workshops are open to everyone!

The workshops we are offering have been mindfully chosen with the intention of expanding your body of knowledge and enhancing your personal style of teaching through in-depth study.

554806 (2)The 300 hr training is the same as the old 500 hr training from Yoga Alliance.


To Apply:

    • Complete a 200-hour Teacher Training Program (Yoga Alliance approved)
    • Fill out the 300-hour application (Click on “Apply Here”)
    • Submit  your $105 enrollment fee (Click on yellow, “Add to Cart”)

Pay $105 enrollment fee here: