About Anne & Shannon

We empower people to live into freedom, possibility, and True Essence through connection to self, community, and Source.



Shannon facilitates yoga with compassion, sharp clarity, and a big dose of humor. As both an E-500RYT (over  2,000 hours of yoga teaching and 14 years of practice) and a life coach, Shannon helps students apply yoga philosophy to their life.

Shannon loves weaving the physical, emotional, spiritual teachings together through practice to empower students to create and live their best lives.

As co-owner of Five Points Yoga, Shannon imparts first-hand knowledge of creating a successful and award-winning yoga business. Contact Shannon here.




Using simple yet profound methods of empathetic and genuine presence, mindful attention, and gentle acceptance, Anne helps students awaken to their growth and healing. Trained as a certified massage therapist, counselor and yoga teacher, Anne teaches anatomy in a practical and easily accessible format.

With 22 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Anne brings a unique blend of body oriented counseling, mindfulness, and extensive study in human physiology to the art of yoga. Contact Anne here.