Kids Yoga Teacher Training-Part 2 (ages 6+) and Teens

Kids-Teens Yoga Teacher Training-Part 2                          (ages 6+/teens)                                                            w/ Rachel Greb & YogaSprouts

Kids Yoga Teacher Training-ages 6+

Friday, January 26, 2018, 5:30-8:30 pm & Saturday, January 27, 2018, 9 am-5 pm

For students of all levels-you do not have to be a yoga teacher to take this workshop

300YA, 10 hours

$160 earlybird by January 1, 2018


The YogaSprouts Kids (ages 6+) Teacher Training is for anyone who loves working with children and teens.  Our course will provide fun-filled, engaging ideas that are beneficial for kids of all ages. Our method of teaching yoga to children incorporates the use of animated poses, props, music, art, games, storytelling and the imagination, to help stimulate their senses as well as stretch and strengthen their developing bodies.

TheYogaSprouts Kids Yoga approach uses creative techniques to keep children of all ages engaged in their yoga practice. The unique style incorporates a lot of fun into each class, while encouraging kids to find their inner-peace. Join us to learn over 500 yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, yoga games and mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, relaxation and visualization techniques, and more for sharing yoga with toddlers through teenagers! Join us and find your inner-child all over again and Come Play Yoga!

This course will cover:

  • The Benefits of Yoga for Children
  • Child-friendly yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, games, activities, themes, stories, breathing exercises, relaxation and visualization techniques – over 475 poses and games!
  • Partner and Group yoga poses and yoga games, for kids and families
  • Creative ways to help build confidence, trust, teamwork, focus, concentration, and a sense of calm to get kids to relax and develop self-control
  • Developing a yoga class that is fun, safe, effective and engaging for toddlers through teens
  • Incorporating props, music, art, stories, and age-appropriate themes into children’s yoga classes, birthday parties, and special events
  • Teaching with confidence and creativity, patience and acceptance, with an open heart and an open mind
  • Balancing the need for structure and freedom within each class
  • Harnessing the energy in the room and being in the moment
  • Tips for teaching yoga to children that support a fair, non-competitive environment
  • Tools for dealing with restlessness and behavior challenges in a class
  • Developmental considerations and cautions for toddlers through teens; understanding where they are in their lives
  • How to successfully encourage and talk to children; how to communicate and inspire
  • How to give positive and constructive feedback
  • An opportunity to develop and present your own yoga class incorporating your own creative ideas
  • How to monitor kid trends
  • Bringing out the child within you and having FUN!

Experience our interactive yoga asanas, yoga with songs, art, stories, games, activities, musical instruments, puppets, visualization and relaxation techniques for a successful children’s yoga class.

Even if you’re already experienced in teaching yoga to children, this course is a great way to add innovative and fun ideas into your classes, keeping them fresh and engaging.

****This course will also include teen yoga training:

teen yoga teacher training

Teenagers today are more stressed than ever and sharing the practice of yoga can transform them and positively influence the rest of their lives. These are the years that they begin to explore who they are and dive into the deeper dimensions of the yoga practice.

This course will teach you how to guide students in a journey of self-exploration, giving students effective yogic tools to handle stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and other challenges facing teens. You’ll learn how to help students develop compassion and self-confidence, so that ultimately they will be empowered to be agents of peace in the world.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of yoga for Teens
  • Teen appropriate yoga poses, class themes, relaxation exercises, visualization and meditation techniques, including laughter meditation
  • Games and activities that address teen issues such as self-esteem, body image, nutrition, stress, anger, forgiveness, relationships, addiction, and sexual health
  • Creative ways to build confidence, trust, teamwork, focus, concentration, and a sense of peace from within
  • Working with at-risk populations
  • Helping teens overcome self-destructive behaviors and attitudes, replacing negative habits with healthy habits
  • Helping teens identify negative thought patterns and replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations
  • How to make yoga philosophy accessible to teens; including principles of yoga (Yamas, Niyamas, non-violence and karma yoga)
  • The male/female dynamic in the yoga classroom and how to avoid pitfalls
  • Breathing techniques to calm, energize, and balance the nervous system
  • Yoga practice for insomnia
  • Developing a yoga class that is fun, safe, effective and engaging
  • Identifying teaching objectives
  • Learning how to connect with teens and how to hold the space in the classroom
  • Establishing the balance of discipline and order in the classroom with spontaneity and play
  • Incorporating props, music, art, and poetry into teen classes
  • Teaching with confidence and creativity, patience and acceptance, with an open-heart and an open mind
  • Establishing appropriate teacher boundaries
  • How to inspire teens to create goals and develop the courage and perseverance to follow their dreams

kids yogaRachel Greb

Rachel started her yoga teaching career in 2007 with the creation of yogaSprouts, yoga for kids-teens. Rachel holds a masters degree in Special Education and, as a former Special Education teacher,  she specializes in working with people with special needs. She has completed many other trainings and workshops, including a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Christina Sell.  In 2014, Rachel founded Strong Girls with Kim Turner, a girls empowerment group.  Her classes are accessible for all level students, it is a mix of flow, alignment and fun.