Practicum-30 hours-*required for 300 hr

Class begins April 27th, 5-8 p.m. and May 4th, 5-8 p.m.

1st 6 hours $88


*we will schedule the 2nd 6 hours as a group

1st session, 12 hours, $175 total

In our 1st 12 hours together we will explore pose lineage . . . how to build sequences towards more advanced poses with modifications for all levels.  How to teach alignment and use theming effectively and without being cheesy.

We will work deeply with language and cueing skills.

Before the course begins each student will complete a self-evaluation and then, with Shannon, choose a “growing point” to address in her teaching.  Shannon will evaluate teaching progressively with the student.

300 hour practicum
You will deepen your ability to:

  • use demonstration in an effective and purposeful manner
  • sharpen your verbal cueing and verbal adjustment skills
  • skillfully teach different levels of classes – beginners, mixed level, intermediate, advanced
  • deepen knowledge of intermediate poses and how to practice and teach stages and modifications of poses
  • creatively compose class sequences
  • plan specialty workshops
  • inspire students with theming and relatable philosophy
  • learn how to fill your inner “cup” in a way that is inspiring and real to you
  • work with your colleagues to give and receive feedback
  • practice hands-on adjusting and hone your adjustment skill
  • receive individual/personal time and guidance and feedback from Shannon on your teaching