What you’ll learn

The 200 hour teacher training develops the tools of yoga for every aspect of your life. Through education, coaching and skill development, you can create and teach powerful, transformative yoga classes and careers. Sadhana (spiritual practice), study and spiritual community support you as you personally transform. Self study provides the fertile ground for transformation into an effective yoga teacher.

  • How to improve your yoga practice
  • How to teach a yoga pose
  • Alignment in yoga poses
  • Functional anatomy
  • Restorative poses
  • How to modify poses
  • History of yoga
  • The art of teaching
  • How to sequence poses to create a class
  • Observing bodies and alignment
  • What about touch and adjusting? When and whether this is helpful
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Breathwork (pranayamas) how to practice and teach
  • Introduction to Chinese Medicine (we’ll have a Chinese Doctor as a visiting lecturer)
  • Introduction to Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Practitioner as visiting lecturer)
  • Exploration of chakra system (we use chakra system as a basis for self-exploration and study)
  • Chanting (exploration of mantra as a protection for the mind) Here’s a snippet from Krishna Das on chanting
  • Yoga Sutras-practical guidelines to help end suffering and realize our Truest nature